Social Trading

Connect, Learn, and Trade with the Best

Embrace the Power of Community in Your Trading

XLibre's Social Trading platform brings traders together, letting you to leverage the collective wisdom of experienced investors. View, follow, and replicate the strategies of top performers in real time. Whether you're new to trading or looking to diversify your strategies, Social Trading opens up a world of opportunities.

  • Accelerate your learning curve by observing the strategies of seasoned traders.
  • Enhance your trading decisions by accessing collective insights and analyses.
  • Minimize risk by diversifying your trading strategy through mirroring successful trades.

Secure sharing and privacy controls.

Customize your following settings.

Select top traders with transparent track records.

Visualize performance statistics.

How to Get Started

Just follow the 3 simple steps.

Register and Connect

Sign up for XLibre and connect to the Social Trading platform.

Select Your Traders

Choose experienced traders whose strategies align with your goals.

Start Copying Trades

Automatically replicate the selected traders’ moves in real-time.